Good ventures start with great people. Whether they are already within our company, have built a business ripe to take over a specific market, or have simply made a good start on an idea but need support to see it thrive – we are here to help. We believe that where an idea comes from is less important than where it is going. As a forward-thinking technology-focused venture company, we strive to stay ahead of market trends. It means that our strategy for finding great businesses to back and support is multi-layered:

We Invest In Entrepreneurs With Bright Ideas

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We work alongside our founders in helping our clients realize the full potential of their business. While we are known primarily in the app and webspace, our support and investment are open to start-up companies in all industry sectors. The idea is key. We search out ideas we feel could change the face of industries, how consumers interact withbusinesses, and even the daily lifestyle habits of consumers.While we may remain only minority partners in these ventures, our expertise, mentor ship, and investment can help good ideas blossom into a successful business.

We Buy A Bright Idea And Help To Realize Its Full Potential

In some cases, the Founder(s) of a business does not necessarily choose to be the companies long-term owner/manager. In these instances, we support a transition to help realize the Founder(s) vision while involving them in a guiding advisory capacity, typically as a Director on the Board. It allows us to unleash our expertise on developing and growing the business while the Founder(s) (original) still oversee the development and own a smaller stake in the business.These can be highly rewarding projects for both parties as the Founder(s) realizes increased skill sets and scalability in the short term. At the same time, our team gets to work doing what it does best – growing successful companies.

We Create Our Bright Ideas And Then Put Them To Work

It is where the rubber meets the road in a quintessential start-up accelerator fashion. Our digital and creative teams continually work to develop new ideas for platforms, technology, and apps. Throughout the year, we track and build upon these ideas to develop and nurture good business theories and guide them into evolving as highly successful companies. One of our most recent examples, EmojiXT, has just launched in the app store. It is designed to revolutionize the world of text with many new expressions to share with friends.