In 2007, The New York Times hired us to represent TimesDigest. We leveraged the opportunity and created our global presence. InMotion Media Marketing reached local targeted hotels, cruise ships, and super-yacht advertising locations. In Hawaii, we established partnerships with one of the shuttle industries and started advertising in their luxury vehicles. Furthermore, our services expanded to hotels, cruise ships, and super-yacht advertising.

World of Marketing

To go with the market, we stepped into the marketing world. We believe in creating your connection with your potential customers in the right place at the right time.

We hired a new creative marketing team responsible for paid and organic digital marketing. As an agency, we are directed by maintaining happy customer relationships and delivering success stories as your digital companion.

Our marketing services include :

  • Public Relations & Media Outreach – Guerrilla Marketing, Media Briefing, Press Releases, Wire Releases, Shoutout in Press Conference/Big Events/Social Gatherings, PR Development, Sharing Ghostwriting, Influencer Marketing, Pitching The Right Audience, Buzz Marketing, Stealth Marketing, Partner Marketing, Award Submissions.
  • Business Development – Lead Generation, Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Strategic Management.
  • Content Management – Copywriting for fact sheets, Case Studies, Newsletters, White Paper Writing, Guest Blogging, SEO-friendly content writing, Copywriting for Brochures & magazines.
  • Print Media Advertising – Local Hotel Advertising, TimesDigest Military, USA Nationwide Advertising, Digital Marketing Services, VIP Targeted Advertising, Cruise Ship Advertising, Luxury Yacht Advertising, In-Vehicle Hawaii Advertising.
  • Social Media Paid Marketing – Facebook Advertising, YouTube Marketing, LinkedIn Advertising, Clubhouse Advertising, Twitter Marketing, Instagram Promotions.
  • Search Engine Paid Marketing – Display Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Remarketing, Podcast Promotions, Launching online Campaigns, Pay-per-click (PPC), Cost-per-click(CPC), Video Campaigns.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Website Optimization, SERP Tracking, Keyword Research, Meta Tags optimization, Backlink Generation, Website Traffic Management, Online Campaign Management.

If you want to create an offline and online presence leveraging our marketing services, please contact us.